Individual Services


1. Reduce your Watershed Footprint Assessment

Reedy Creek Environmental can help property owners decrease their environmental impacts with a “Reduce your Watershed Footprint” assessment.  The process includes a questionnaire to obtain information about current landscape practices, a site visit to evaluate sources of polluted runoff, a discussion of preliminary findings and possible solutions with the property owner, and a final written report with prioritized recommendations.  For most properties, it is not practical to address all issues and implement all recommendations simultaneously.  The report is essentially a blueprint for a process that may take several years to complete.  But now is the time to get started!

The typical fee for a “Reduce Your Watershed Footprint” assessment is $100 for most urban or suburban homes.  Assessments for larger and/or more complex properties will be slightly more expensive and a free estimate will be provided in advance.

2. Garden “Coaching”

Do-it-yourself gardeners can waste lots of time and money due to poor plant selection, improper planting technique, lack of long-term planning, inadequate site preparation, etc.  As a long time do-it-yourselfer, I have made most of the common mistakes and may be able to help you avoid some costly pitfalls.

Since individual needs vary with the property and skill level of the gardener, an hourly rate of $30/hour is charged for services.