Reedy Creek Environmental currently offers two workshops related to conservation landscaping and watershed restoration.  Workshops can be tailored to the specific interests and time constraints of the group (e.g. neighborhood organization, garden club, environmental stewardship organization).  If you have ideas for other workshops, please let me know.

  1. Conservation Landscaping Workshop

Major topics covered in the “Conservation Landscaping” workshop include:

  • What is a native plant?
  • Why plant native plants?
  • What is conservation landscaping?
  • Types and primary purposes for conservation landscapes
  • How do I select a site for conservation landscaping? How big? How small?
  • How do I prepare a site for native plants?
  • How do I select which native plants to add?
  • How to establish and maintain a conservation landscape?/PATIENCE is a virtue!
  • What is “local ecotype” and why is it important?

The most intensive version of the workshop lasts 3 hours and consists of a “classroom” presentation and a “field” component that covers invasive plant identification and removal as well as proper planting techniques.  Two-hour or one-hour workshops without any field activity can also be provided.

Workshop costs $10/participant and includes a complimentary native plant to take home.  A choice of 6-8 species of plants are provided and include at least one species for virtually any combination of soil and light conditions.


  1. Reduce Your Watershed Footprint Workshop

Reedy Creek Environmental was created to help restore watersheds and this workshop is designed to prepare participants for the task of eliminating polluted runoff.  Vegetative solutions to stormwater management are emphasized. Topics include:

  • Evils of stormwater/polluted runoff
  • Understanding how nutrients and sediment ravage your local stream
  • How to evaluate sources of polluted runoff on your property
  • “Structural” solutions (Rain barrels, cisterns, downspout disconnection, infiltration trenches, dry wells, etc.)
  • Vegetative solutions (Bayscapes, rain gardens, tree plantings)
  • Slopes and erosion control
  • Combining vegetative strategies with “structural” solutions
  • Invasive plant removal and replacement by native vegetation
  • Sources of funding for conservation landscaping

The three-hour workshop includes a classroom presentation and an assessment of a nearby property to evaluate polluted runoff problems and discuss potential solutions.

Workshop costs $10/participant and includes a complimentary native plant to take home.