Native Plant Sales in 2020


When: Every Day!

Due to the current pandemic, Reedy Creek Environmental is unlikely to sell plants at public events such as farmer’s markets and plant sales for the remainder of 2020.  And no public plant sales will be held at Createspace this year.  We are in the vulnerable population and need to strictly control social distancing for our own health as well as the safety of our customers.

However, plants are being sold for pick-up by appointment.

Here are the basic procedures for ordering and pick-up:

  1. Plants must be ordered at least 3 days in advance of pick-up for customer protection. This provides time for the plants to be pulled and left untouched for at least two days prior to pick-up.
  2. Payment is by check or exact cash and is accomplished without anyone touching any new surfaces. (I open the cashbox and move 6 feet away; customer drops payment into cashbox and moves away; I close cashbox and quarantine payment for two days before touching.)
  3. Recommended guidelines for social distancing must be respected and a facial covering must be worn.

Pick-ups can be scheduled at either of two locations:

Createspace (607 Wickham St. near Battery Park) or

Home (4020 Dunston Ave. near Forest Hill Park)

A plant list can be found here:

At scheduled pick-ups, you are welcome to browse the current stock and discuss plant selection for future projects.  Unfortunately, it will not be possible to make “spur of the moment” purchases.

Orders and questions are best communicated through email:

Stay safe!