RCE Plant List – Summer 2019

Photo of Spurred butterfly pea, Centrosema virginianum, a beautiful vine for partially shaded conditions.


Current plant list can be viewed at the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipm5k4avorgauvj/RCE%20Plant%20List%20August%202019.docx?dl=0

Perennials and grasses are available in quart ($5 each) and/or 3-quart containers ($8 each).

Trees and shrubs are sold in small tree pots ($10 each) and/or large tree pots ($12 each).  The small treepots are 8 inches deep and the large treepots are 12 or 14 inches deep.

Approximately 25 additional species will be added over the next 3 months in time for Fall planting.