Native Plant of the Week – Elephantopus carolinianus (Carolina Elephant’s Foot)

Second-year plants in 3 quart pots – $5 each

Limit of 3 plants/customer


I finally got around to some routine maintenance over the weekend and discovered about 20 pots of Elephantopus carolinianus plants that apparently thrive on benign neglect.  These second-year plants are in absolutely beautiful shape with their large, lush green leaves.  Get them in the ground soon and you will have distinctive pink/lavender flowers to enjoy toward the end of Summer.  This plant will also do a little volunteer seeding without being a menace.

Elephantopus carolinianus is one of three species of “Elephant’s Foot” that occur in the Richmond area and this species prefers a relatively shady spot with moist soil.  Here is a brief thumbnail sketch and picture of the flowers:

If you only have dry shade and want these flowers, do not despair.  You just need to plant a different species – Elephantopus tomentosus.  This plant will become available in about 6 weeks.

Due to the pandemic, sales are by pre-order only with contact-free pick-up/payment.  To order, send an email to:

The complete plant list can be viewed here:…/RCE%20Plant%20List%202020.docx…

Stay safe.


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